Thursday, 26 February 2015

Cover Reveal - Wildfire

I just couldn't wait to share this with you!! Here's the cover for my latest book, Wildfire. It's book three in the Future of Flames series and is being released next month!  I'm really excited about this! So tell me, what's exciting for you? what makes your heart beat faster? what thrills your soul?

Title: Wildfire
Author: Lisa Messier
Release Date: March, 2015
Series: Future of Flames #3
Published by Entertwine Publishing
Shadowed flames dance on a winter's breeze, drawing Kateraina into the world of the Dreamers. Her fate rests in the hands of the one who Guards her. Dinan NightWalker must show her the strength of the darkness she holds. Wrapped in his arms, she must stand firm against the nightmares she endures. Shadowed secrets lie buried in a long forgotten shrine. Sweet winds whisper twisted truths, turning friend into foe. Searching for answers will test the bounds of their loyalty. Will betrayal tear them apart, or will a fate cloaked in prophecy guide them through their Future of Flames?
About Lisa Messier:
Someone once asked me why I write. I write for the same reason I breathe; it's necessary for my survival (and sanity). I use my writing as a way to express myself and learn who I am. Words make me into the person I want to become. I've been writing since I was a young girl. Now I'm a stay at home mother of my own three girls. I was born and raised in rural Alberta, but moved to the 'big city' three years ago with my husband. In the last year I've finally admitted that I am indeed a geek. I've fallen in love with corsetry and can spend hours researching corsets and their applications. Perhaps one day corsetry will find its way into my writing.

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  1. Beautiful cover! Disney World and the thrill rides (the few i will go on) got me all stirred up. Now i want to fly, but i'm still afraid of airplanes. Talk about a dilemma!