Friday, 28 November 2014

Poem - Unglued (written on behalf of a friend)

My head freaks out on my heart
Control rips my world apart
Agony roams all throughout
Rage holds my soul in drought

Fear holds my will in chains
My precious dreams
Real life is no longer real
Just a myth beyond the range of feel

Surviving takes my everything
My energy lost in a worthless fling
My dying hopes reflecting loss
Death, for freedom, is the cost

The tears I cry are never real
No ears hear my heartfelt spiel
No arms offer needed support
Forget my life. I cry abort.

Alone and unglued, I fight my own birth
Forgotten here, I've lost my worth
My only wish is to hide and die
To find the freedom to finally fly.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Poem - Shadow In Your Eye

When did I become
The shadow in your eye?
You blink and look away
With a heavy-hearted sigh.

When did I become
The background noise you hate?
I'm worthless and alone,
Forgotten by my fate.

When did I become
The touch you push away?
Why am I rejected
If I don't do as you say?

When did I become
The one you couldn't stand?
Is this the way you wanted?
Is this the life you'd planned?

When did I become
The shadow in your eye?
Broken, bloody, and lost,
Hopeless, here I lie.